Build A Custom Package

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to transforming and building an inclusive culture. Let's work together to create a tailored solution for your desired organizational culture. Areas of focus can include:

Custom Training Workshops

  • Leadership/Coaching Processes Emotional Intelligence
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • CliftonStrengths Discovery
  • Building a High-Touch Sales & Service Culture
  • Sales, Service and Leadership Consulting
  • New Hire Program Development Consulting

To help your management team develop the coaching skills necessary to impact employee engagement and success, I recommend a phased approach that allows participants to practice skill development in between workshop sessions.

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Example Customized Solutions

Example 1: Cultural Needs Assessment

Together, we'll take time to evaluate and discuss what's needed. In this essential, foundational phase, I'll spend time getting to know you, your leaders, and your culture through:
  • Cultural assessment survey
  • Focus groups with staff and leadership
  • 1:1 interviews with your organization's managers and leaders
  • Job shadowing with frontline employees
  • Summarized observations and feedback for your executive leadership

Example 2: Introductory Workshops

Service Excellence Workshop: Building Inclusive Communication Skills

Audience: All Staff

The purpose of this workshop is to establish clear expectations and standards of inclusive behavior that will result in excellent internal and external client experiences.The objectives covered in this workshop are as follows:
  • Communicate the company's expectations of service
  • Identify the 4 key elements of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and explain how they affect the service mindset
  • Communicate the behavioral ingredients that formulate a service mindset
  • Demonstrate service excellence within true-to-life scenarios

Got Bias? How to Develop a Mindset of Inclusion in the Workplace

Audience: All Staff

Inequity and bias can be uncomfortable and a bit scary to talk about, but together we can tackle it head on. This workshop is an interactive and engaging virtual training experience that will include activities to help you examine your personal biases and help you build on the skills of self-awareness and self-management so you can become a champion in your organization and inspire a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. This training session will guide you through self-reflection in a welcoming space and give you applicable tools to begin the journey of making a lasting impact in your workplace and beyond.This workshop will:
  • Establish a common language for speaking about diversity
  • Examine the effects of unconscious bias and the first steps to overcoming it
  • Provide a list of resources to help you become a champion for D&I in the workplace and create an environment where all can thrive

Example 3: Coaching Workshops

Intro to Coaching Dynamic and Inclusive Teams


In this session participants will learn the fundamentals of coaching, including a coaching model. This workshop offers hands-on practice and plenty of feedback to prepare participants for 1-on-1 coaching sessions with their team members. In addition, participants will leave the session with several job aids to support them on the job. At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to demonstrate the following skills:
  • Identify qualities of a good leader
  • Communicate the differences between managing and coaching
  • Self-identify current coaching strengths and areas of opportunity
  • Identify the behaviors that drive the 7-step Coaching Roadmap
  • Apply a Coaching Model to the following individual coaching routines:
       ○ Daily Coaching “In the Moment”
       ○ Weekly Huddles
       ○ Monthly Coaching Sessions

Service Excellence Workshop: Coaching Challenging Situations


Using the foundation built in Intro to Coaching Dynamic Teams, this workshop addresses challenging coaching situations such as coaching ability issues versus willingness issues and coaching a team as a group. A key focus of practice in this session will be situations participants currently face in their jobs. The topics covered in this workshop are as follows:
  • Self-assess current coaching performance
  • Share and compare coaching successes and challenges
  • Conducting daily coaching “in the moment” – skill practices
  • Conducting monthly coaching sessions – skill practices
      ○ Coaching ability issues
      ○ Coaching resistance (willingness issues)